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Saturday, 25 May 2024
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We admire an infinite variety of Altai more and morel SPA resort Belokurikha, which is well-known in Russia, lies on the border of the plains and foothills. On me one hand, there are smooth contours of Cherginskii ridge's stone waves, on the other - Altai plain, which is infinite, mottled blanket of colored pieces of fields, meadows, plowed fields, following to the horizon.

Height above sea level is about 250 m in Belokurikha. Here you can see: Mountain ridges of height up to 1000 m, which are covered with dark green pine forests, you can see the granite yields fantastic shapes, free spaces are occupied by meadows with rich grasses. Blue translucent haze enveloped the mountain peaks on sunny days, while the sun has shining for 260 days a year here. That is about Siberia Belokurikha has mild climate: it is warm, but it is not searing heat in summer, early spring friendly, warm leisurely autumn, dry and almost windless winter.

Valley of Belokurikha river, which houses the resort, is very beautiful. Picturesque bed, which has many scattered boulders, surrounds the pine forest, many river banks ring and shimmer, enlivening the landscape.

Belokurikha is one of the few on the earth of resort districts where any season not only is fine, but also it is comfortable for the person. As if in the kind fairy tale. Twelve Months have united in foothills of Altai for the sake of one purpose: to deliver to people it is as much as possible pleasure and pleasure.


The history of Belokurikha lakes from hoi keys reconnoitered by local residents in the middle of 19 centuries. Thanks to curative force of these sources, our city from small settlement, has turned to one of the most eminent resorts of Russia which it is accepted to name "A pearl of Siberia ".
Belokurikha is an embodiment of dream of mankind about harmony between people and the nature. Fine, quiet landscapes of foothills of Altai, fantastic woods full of various living creatures, the crystal rivers and the cleanest air. All it promotes spiritual and physical revival of the person who has visited our city.

But first of all, Belokurikha is the unique centre beyond Ural Mountains regenerative medicine, the innovator in the field of balneology. The advanced scientific workings out and the newest medical-diagnostic equipment corresponding to the world standards are widely applied in treatment cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine systems, movement bodies, and many other diseases. The complex of modern sanatoriums and small pensions, are capable to offer not only treatment, but also comfortable residing and rest.

More and more people aspire to Belokurikha to spend a free time, save up forces for the further effective work. Fans of contemplate rest can distract from daily occurrence, walking on terrencueries resort or will take pleasure in mountain landscapes from height of the bird's flight on aerial cable way. Active people, will like mountain-skiing lines, flights on paraplanes, alloys on the mountain rivers, backpackings and travel on horses.
Thanks to greatness and riches of the nature, the correct approach to the organization of a recreational infrastructure, our city is one of most invective attractive and dynamically developing cities of Altai territory, capable to versatile cooperation.

We invite you to Belokurikha, it is assured, you never will regret about time spent in to the "Siberian pearl".

Entertainment and Recreation: Treasure of the Golden Altai
Sporting life: Olympic ski slopes
SPA profile and methods of improvement
Therapeutic factors
History of Belokurikha

Внимание! Всем туристам, желающим посетить регионы Сибири (в особенности в мае и в июне) рекомендуем заблаговременно сделать прививку от энцефалита. Особенно это касается активных маршрутов, в которых подразумеваются ночевки в полевых условиях. Если прививки нет, рекомендуем взять с собой соответствующую защитную одежду и средства от клещей.

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Туры на Горный Алтай Поиск дешевых авиабилетов
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