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Saturday, 25 May 2024
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Siberia (english version)


By 2020 Siberia will recieve at least one million tourists every year — such parameters are mentioned in the development strategy of the Siberian Federal District. Siberia now is focusing on tourism and new industrialization, and also it is especially planned to develop the infrastructure. Four tourist special economic zones —the Republic of Altai, Altai, Buryatia and Irkutsk region — will become the main forces of tourism in Siberia. Other territories on Siberia also observe a real tourist boom: they introduce regional programs for tourism development, build new accomodation facilities and ski complexes, form new event calendars which are likely to attract additional number of tourists.

Holidays in Siberia have another important advantage — it is quiet here.There is no natural disasters, revolutionary unrest, epidemics and other extreme phenomena that shake the tourist market in recent times.

Siberia today continues to impress travelers from d II around the world. The beauty and grandeur of Siberian nature, unique historical monuments become more accessible for tourists: roads and comfortable hotels are being built. Literally we can seethe grows of the whole industry of real tourism in Siberia — with Russian bath, fishing, mosquito — hut in a civilized way.


There is a unique natural reserve Stolby several kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. The nature itself has created this marvelous cozy nook and decorated it with tens of natural granite sculptures. Some of them have absolutely fantastic shapes. The village of Shushenskoe in the south of Krasnoyarsk region is well worth a visit. Local ethnographic museum thoroughly displays the wooden architecture and the way of Siberian peasants' life of the past centuries.

Travel along the Yenisey

One can take the steam-ship cruise along the Yenisey River from Krasnoyarsk to the northern port of Dudinka.

One of the oldest monasteries in Siberia is situated further north in small town of Turukhansk. Igarka, the city known for its unique underground Museum of permafrost, is located beyond the Arctic Circle. It was opened on the spot where a scientific station used to be, in a vault dug in a mass of permafrost. Remains of some primordial relic trees and ice samples are on display here.

Plateau Putorana

This scenic and mysterious upland land is located in the northern part of Krasnoyarsk region, to the east from the city of Norilsk. Plateau Putorana is often referred to as the land of waterfalls, rivers and lakes. One of the highest falls in Russia is located at a height of 108 meters on the river Kanda. In summer Plateau Putorana is perfect for rafting, hunting and fishing. You may choose from various tourist routes around this magnificent place.

Altai is a large mountainous area located in the southern

Siberia in the geographical center of Eurasia. You will be bewitched by its beauty and diversity of local nature. High mountains, sharp rocks and rounded hills, spacious steppes and dense coniferous woods, lakes and mineral sources, rapid rivers and noisy falls. Ecological, sports, health and cukfrual tourism are being actively developed. The Teletskoe Lake. Befakurikfca resort and Belukha Mountain are the most popular travel destinations. And don't forget the superior rafting on the Katun and Brya rivers which will be a perfect treat for extreme fans.

Lake Teletskoe

Lake Teletskoe is traditionally considered the main natural and tourist symbol of Altai. It is the biggest and the deepest lake of the region. It stretches for 80 kilometers and is surrounded by high mountain ridges. Lake Teletskoe is in many aspects similar to Baikal; therefore it is frequently referred to as the "small Baikal". Despite its attractiveness, the lake is not yet completely discovered by tourists and still keeps many secrets and legends in its heart.

Resort Belokurikha

Belokurikha features almost as many sunny days as the Black Sea resorts. Local air is extraordinarily pure and improves one's health perfectly. Belokurikha is known as a balneal resort for a long time. Various diseases are treated here using thermal radon waters from local springs. Besides all that Belokurikha is now becoming a popular mountain-skiing center.

There are few ski lifts and pistes of different complexity. Skiing season lasts from mid November to mid March.

Belukha Mountain

Belukha Mountain is the highest peak of Siberia (4506 meters). Although it is believed to be severe and quite challenging more than 2500 climbers visit its slopes every year.

The mountain is featured in the great number of legends. One of the Asian legends considers Belukha as the future Northern Shambhala - the paradise that will come after people disappear. In other esoteric traditions the Shambhala is described as the most powerful center of divine space energy concentrated around Belukha Mountain.

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Внимание! Всем туристам, желающим посетить регионы Сибири (в особенности в мае и в июне) рекомендуем заблаговременно сделать прививку от энцефалита. Особенно это касается активных маршрутов, в которых подразумеваются ночевки в полевых условиях. Если прививки нет, рекомендуем взять с собой соответствующую защитную одежду и средства от клещей.

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